The Constitutionalist Society exists to promote a textual and reasonable reading of the Constitution of India and the laws of the Republic. The Society’s objectives shall be as follows:

  • to inspire respect for Constitutional text and the intent and purpose behind it
  • to advocate for the interpretation of statutes the way they are written,
  • to promote civil discussion and debate in a non-partisan manner,
  • to enhance the standards of legal education in India through its activities. 

These ideas, for better or for worse, are entirely new to the Indian scenario. They require elaboration and articulation in a manner that is entirely new. The introduction of traditional and conservative legal views in the India is not only historically novel but, if successful, truly radical in a way that would redefine Indian law and Polity, and ensure its continued stability and survival.

A textualist and originalist society must first begin by eliminating ambiguity, that being the aim of interpretation in the first place.

When we say we wish to ‘inspire respect for Constitutional text,’ we mean the text itself. We mean the words that the Constituent Assembly adopted on 26th November 1949. We mean the actual words, read with the history of their origin as codified in the Constituent Assembly Debates and their writings.